When I was 8 years old, I wrote that “My big dream is to have children and live in a pretty house.”

My dreams and goals have expanded through the last two decades, but I am still obsessed with my two kids (6 and 3) and making my home more inviting, authentic, practical, organized, and pretty. After I graduated with a BA in English Literature, I have worked in marketing for an online retailer, and as a freelance editor and writer for magazines and books. Live in a Pretty House dials up the visual and the personal aspects of my lifelong love of collecting inspiration and telling stories.

I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota with my husband and our two little kids, who are independent and creative, or tireless destructors, depending on when you ask me. They attend a wonderful Montessori school, which hugely influences both my design style and lifestyle. I am Finnish on my mother’s side, and I speak Finnish to the kids. I love Vinyasa yoga, chai tea lattes, and book club. I’m a feminist and an aspiring minimalist. I watch exactly the right amount of TV and spend too much time on Pinterest.

I hope you’ll follow Live in a Pretty House so we can talk about design inspiration, parenting lifestyle and empowering women. Thanks for reading. You’re part of my dream come true.




3 thoughts on “ABOUT”

  1. Hei!
    Löysin tänne Katriinan sivujen kautta. Kiva lukea blogiasi, vetreytän samalla englannin kieltäni ja saan ideoita kauniista kuvistasi. Uskalsin kirjoittaa suomeksi kun tiedän sinun sitä ymmärtävän.

    Saat minusta siis vakiolukijan 🙂


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